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What A Great App
What A Great App


What A Great App has all the tools and technology to build successful apps for your business in a fraction of the time. Don't let a marketing opportunity pass you by! Our team will incorporate amazing features to get your business out there in ways you may not have considered. 


Your final product will be a functional and seamless app experience for you and your clients, reflective of your brand and offerings. Based on your input, our development team will carefully consider what your business needs to thrive beyond just event calendars and discount coupons. 


You can share your new app across your social network pages and platforms to allow more free traffic and downloads. Use the Push Notifications feature to target customers for sales and promotions. Add your own Ecommerce storefront and enter markets all over the world. Utilize geo-targeted marketing. Build in RSS feeds with news, music or your industry-specific knowledgebase.


Check out our Features page and let us know which options appeal to you. Then sit back, relax and let WAGA build your masterpiece!

What A Great App

What A Great App

You Bet Your Sweet App It Is?


What A Great App
What A Great App

Our mission at What A Great App is to build seamless app experiences for businesses around the world.  Our thought process incorporates superior next-generation technology, but our app-building process starts with an entrepreneurial approach.  


We explore your business branding, your website and its functionality (or start from scratch) with a business owner’s mentality.  Focusing on your business personality, existing highlights and core products and services allows us to create something special – something you can be proud of as you watch your sales and customer loyalty increase exponentially.


What A Great App – Be the App They Download.

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